Capstone Servicing /

Located in Austin, TX, we specialize in providing a hands on customer care to both Lenders(s) and Borrower(s) to ensure every transaction is handled with Experience, Transparency and Trust.

Lender Benefits/

  • Personalized Support – We answer our phone and return all voicemails
  • Online Access with accurate detailed reports of portfolio activity
  • Personal support on delinquent accounts
  • Professional services for loan documentation, collection and foreclosure
  • On demand account information- Professional reporting to financing partners when needed
  • IRS annual reporting for 1099 lender interest statements

Borrower Benefits/

  • Personalized Support- We answer our phone and return all voicemails
  • Trained staff to help with past due monthly payments
  • Payment coupons to improve timely payments
  • Archived transaction history for accurate accounting of payment history
  • Year-end tax and interest statements (1098)

Overall Benefits/

  • Professionally serving both sides of the loan transaction to ensure a successful outcome
  • A state of the art loan servicing platform to manage account information
  • Online access with personalized support for both sides
  • 3rd party handling of payoffs to ensure accurate figures for both sides