Our Process

Our Process “It’s Simple”

  1. Private Lenders provide us with new loans (after closing)
  2. We set up the loan in our advanced loan servicing system communicating to both the Lender and the Borrower
  3. We collect monthly payments from the Borrower and forward the interest payment to the Lender
  4. We handle the escrow and draw oversight on construction/renovation loans and provide progress reports
  5. We remain in continual contact with all parties to ensure a successful transaction
  6. We handle all loan payoffs to ensure accurate payoff figures for both sides of the transaction

IRS Annual Reporting

Capstone handles the required interest calculation for both the Borrower and Lender. Capstone will provide the 1098 “Mortgage Interest Statement” to the borrower and the 1099 “Interest Income Statement” to the Lender annually.

Partners in Success

Capstone is here to help our clients succeed in their business. We do this by providing our clients with valuable resources and vendors that might help them in their endeavors. This includes connecting them with our referral network of trusted professionals whenever needed.

Legal Support

Capstone has several trusted advisors and attorneys we work with to ensure an efficient process on all levels and if necessary to foreclose successfully on a property in the event of a loan default.

Clear & Accurate Reporting

Capstone uses an advanced software program specifically designed for loan servicing. In addition to our personalized approach to Loan Servicing, each Borrower and Lender has 24/7 online access to their account.